Cleanliness is key in any environment, but sometimes we forget that keeping our offices spotless is a background task, and it is not, cleaning is not a task to be taken lightly.

This has great importance in the current context, in which people who were teleworking comfortably at home return to the offices, and for obvious reasons do not feel as quiet as at home. Therein lies one of the key points to make them feel in a more pleasant and quiet space, the answer: Cleanliness.

We must have our employees comfortable in their work environment, as we mentioned in previous blogs, this is of great importance to improve, among other aspects, productivity, reduce distractions, etc. Nobody wants to work in a dirty or untidy work environment, and if they do, they will not develop their full potential or collaborate optimally to the company’s objectives. Cleaning your office will not only help to maintain hygiene in the space, but it also creates a good working environment, improves the air quality in your office, eliminates some bacteria that cause diseases.

This last one is one of the aspects to take into account, since cleanliness plays a very important role for the worker’s health, more than we imagine, and specifically helps to reduce absenteeism, but how? a healthy person is a worker with less absenteeism, more productive and motivated. That is why it is vital to preserve the health of our employees starting with basic aspects such as cleanliness and hygiene, this leads to greater safety at work.

It is clear that a poorly ventilated space, full of dust and without any notion of care is a great focus of allergic reactions and infections (in addition to negatively affect the image of the company). In addition, proper cleaning will surely prevent slips and falls by keeping the aisles clear with proper signage in case there is any risk due to the area being wet, and helps to keep the facilities tidy. 

Cleanliness is vital in improving production, increasing motivation and reducing the risk of infection from dirt. It is clearly a very important aspect to take into account and it is not given the relevance it deserves. Let us help you empower your company through cleanliness with K&C.

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