Always the reform or work of any space of your interest is something that can generate excitement and satisfaction, and how not, is to feel that thrill of seeing a space just as you want it and how you imagine it. However, this, although exciting, can result in quite a lot of stress, since on the one hand you have to put up with the noises and strange people entering your space, but this is not what usually bothers people the most, the stress comes after the work, which is cleaning and collecting debris.

If you have had, have, or in the future are going to have a construction or remodeling this information is for you, it is common that in these cases you wonder: Where do I start, although we all know how to do the basic household chores, the cleaning of this type of remodeling is usually different.

Next, we will inform you about how to clean your home, office, etc., after a construction or remodeling project.

  1. Eliminate the dust: One of the first things you should do when finishing these reforms is to try to eliminate the dust generated (which is quite a lot), usually we would have the first impulse to take the broom and start sweeping, and this is a serious mistake, since in this way the only thing you would do would be to spread the dust. What you should do in this case would be two things, the first and very important is to open the windows and put fans pointing outwards, in this way you will gradually expel dust particles that are in your home, and at the same time shake furniture, sheets, etc.. The second would be to use a vacuum cleaner, this way you ensure that the dust does not fly around the room and generate more dirt, and after vacuuming everything in your home, with the use of a mop and a damp cloth, finish removing from your floors and furniture all remaining impurities.
  1. Clean ceilings and walls: We usually think that we should only clean the floors and furniture, that our walls and ceilings are not affected by dirt, when in fact they are affected to a great extent, but how to clean them without generating more dirt? it is not very difficult but it will require a lot of time, what you should do is dip a clean mop in a bowl of water, then remove the excess water before using it, and then from side to side starting from the top and ending at the bottom clean evenly and in sections, when the mop is dirty you will have to wash it very well and repeat the process, and so on until you finish. On the ceilings it is the same dynamic, clean from one side to the other, when the mop is dirty wash it and repeat the process again and again.
  1. Cleaning objects: Once we have finished cleaning the excess dust, walls and ceilings it is time to continue with the objects that we have in our home, because, although you have covered them with some plastic or paper, the dust has still reached them. The trick in this case would be to fill a container with water and detergent either liquid or powder and dip a clean cloth in it, then remove the excess moisture and then start cleaning furniture, windows, appliances, etc. with extreme care. Something important to keep in mind is that every time the cloth is dirty, wash it very well and repeat the process, until you have cleaned all the objects and appliances that we have in our home.

These are the steps you should follow to clean your spaces after a remodeling, however, it sounds difficult and tedious doesn’t it, this is a very difficult task that requires a lot of time and effort, for this reason alternatives have emerged to perform this work in a professional manner and with high standards, alternatives such as those offered by K&C. In our company we offer post construction cleaning services, we work with the best professionals and with products of the highest quality, in order to guarantee an excellent and guaranteed service. Do you have cleaning problems? K&C will take care of it for you.

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