Cleaning the home is not always a simple and easy task, because the more time passes without cleaning, the more complicated and tedious it becomes to leave it again spotless and clean as we like to see it.

It is true that much of the cleaning has to do with the ability or how to know how to do the work involved in cleaning the home, however, if the wrong tools are used, it could become an arduous and very complicated task to perform.

At K&C we care about you, therefore, we would like to give you a list of cleaning products and accessories that can not miss in your home, because with these cleaning your home will become an easier and more bearable task. Because if something abounds and there is a great variety in the market are a variety of cleaning and disinfection products, however the items that we will name in this blog are ecological and homemade, besides being economical, they will give you excellent results.

  1. White vinegar: This product definitely can not miss in your home, yes, the same one that is used as salad dressing is an excellent tool for the care and cleaning of your home, its many properties and low cost make it an excellent cleaning option for your home, best of all? it is not chemical or abrasive. It will be useful for cleaning appliances, kitchen implements, sofas, floors, etc.
  1. Ammonia: This is a product that should be used carefully and responsibly, because if used in the wrong way it can be highly dangerous for your health. However, this liquid is an excellent cleaning product, since it helps to eliminate stains on clothes, floors, rugs and upholstery in an effective and simple way. Another of the properties of ammonia is the ease with which it removes mold and mildew from bathroom tiles.
  1. Chlorine: One of the most interesting properties in the current context is that it is the best effective disinfectant against COVID-19, which is why it has become very relevant nowadays. Besides being an excellent disinfectant, it is also a product that serves to whiten clothes, eliminate bad odors and successfully clean tile and concrete floors. Another of its advantages? It is an extremely economical product.
  1. Sodium bicarbonate: This product is known all over the world, since it is one of the most effective and economical cleaners and whiteners on the market, this great product is able to whiten clothes, remove chewing gum, remove stains caused by grease and sweat and also eliminates bad odor in clothes. Another of its advantages is that it is the best natural pipe and plumbing unclogger we know, and combined with white vinegar it will be useful when it comes to eliminating bad odor from sink, sink and shower pipes.

These products mentioned above are key when it comes to cleaning your home, and best of all, they are very economical and effective, even more so than many specialized cleaning products sold on the market. 

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