Deep cleaning our kitchen is not the same as cleaning it day by day, in deep cleaning we achieve that every corner and utensil is impeccable and perfect in terms of cleanliness. However it is not usually a simple task but on the contrary something tedious to do, more in a space which is constantly dirty and in which food is handled.

We all try to keep the kitchen as clean as possible on a daily basis, either by wiping the countertops or mopping the floor, but it is inevitable that with the passage of time and the repetitive preparation of food, excess grease and dirt accumulate in spaces that are difficult to clean.

As we said before, cleaning the kitchen is not the most fun, but it is essential to maintain a good level of hygiene, since this is where we process and prepare all our food. Although the task takes a lot of time, the more often you do it, the less work it will take each time you clean. At K&C we care about you, and that’s why we leave you with some practical tips for a successful cleaning.

Preparations: To start with, we must have all the basic elements to perform the cleaning successfully, elements such as rags, sponges, kitchen rolls, rubber gloves, etc. This so that there are no pauses in the process and it can be done efficiently.

For the above we leave you the products to perform the cleaning thoroughly: aerosol surface cleaner, antibacterial cleaner for refrigerator and pantry, anti-grease cleaner, product to clean scale and a product to clean steel or metal.

Disinfection: The disinfection of our kitchen spaces is vital since this is where the food we eat is handled, so we are going to give you some tips to reduce the presence of bacteria and germs.

Change the sponge frequently

Do not leave wet cloths or sponges on our countertops, also change them frequently.

Keep our countertops dry

Eliminate food leftovers from the kitchen

Keep our garbage covered and sanitized.

It is of great importance that you use aerosol cleaner to disinfect surfaces such as countertops and cupboards. It is also very important to disinfect our faucets, for this you will use the scale cleaner and then with the help of the aerosol cleaner you will clean the floor of your kitchen with the help of a rag or mop.

Appliance cleaning: The first thing you should do with all the appliances is to unplug them, this with all the ones you have. After this, in the case of the microwave oven or conventional oven, it is of great importance that you use the scale cleaner and degreaser, in the event that the grease or dirt is very adhered, you must pass a first round of cleaning and let the products act about 15 or 20 minutes, after this make a second round of cleaning with these two products and let dry with the ovens open. In the case of refrigerator or fridge, like the previous appliances, first disconnect and let defrost our appliances, then remove all the cupboards and empty our fridge completely. With the help of our disinfectant and metal cleaner we will achieve a deep disinfection of bacteria and germs of our fridge and refrigerator.

Our kitchen is a space that is essential to keep spotless and clean, this to avoid contracting diseases related to the contamination of bacteria and dirt in our utensils, countertops and appliances.

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