Cleaning our educational center is not usually a simple task, since it involves a lot of effort, this, because it is a space in which there are hundreds of children or young people using it constantly. Usually the cleaning is executed in a mechanical way and without much detail, which can be a great risk factor for our youngsters.

We must also keep in mind that not all spaces are cleaned in the same way, since there are some spaces to which special attention must be paid, such as the cafeteria, the kitchen, the bathrooms and the classrooms (which is where most of the young people stay).

But what are the benefits of keeping our facilities clean, besides their appearance, here are a few:

  • Fewer illnesses: By sweeping, mopping, ventilating classrooms, managing waste, disinfecting areas, we are eliminating dirt, viruses and bacteria that decrease the likelihood of disease contagion.
  • More productivity: When we keep classrooms and school spaces clean and tidy, the productivity of both teachers and students increases reasonably. Free and clean spaces help concentration and learning. Let’s keep in mind that this is also a benefit that we can see in different spaces of our work and home. 
  • More hunger: Many times, one of the biggest concerns of parents when sending their children to school, is that they do not eat well, but something that few know, is that the cleanliness and order of the dining room of the school, helps children develop a greater appetite, because their level of confidence in the place and their food increases. In addition to this, keeping the dining room clean encourages children to acquire good eating habits as well as good eating habits.
  • More respect for their environment: children learn like sponges, and repeat the behaviors of people older than them and more so in an environment like school, which is why if the dining room is kept clean, they will understand that this is how it should always be kept.
  • Better image: It is important that as an organization we understand that how we maintain our facilities gives a lot to say about us, this is why we highlight the importance of always keeping our spaces clean, thus transmitting values such as dedication, commitment, concern and care for detail to our customer. 

There are these and many other benefits that cleanliness brings to any space, it is a fundamental aspect that must be taken into account if we want to provide quality education, and if we want our institution to have an impeccable reputation.

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