You’ve probably heard the phrase “it takes 20 years to build a good reputation and five minutes to ruin it” by Warren Buffett, and it couldn’t be more accurate, especially in today’s world. For companies, building a good image has become a key aspect to deal with on a daily basis, since the goal of a company is not only to provide excellent customer service, but also to take care of its visual reputation through hygiene and disinfection of spaces, thus ensuring to some extent the welfare of customers, suppliers, and employees.

And the recent COVID-19 pandemic that we overcame helped us to emphasize cleanliness, and made us build an effective disinfection plan for homes, workplaces, outdoor environments, etc. Now people are much more concerned about cleanliness and are attentive to cleanliness wherever they are.

And as businesses have been reactivating, and the economy has been having a greater movement, cleanliness becomes vital, as people have developed an increasing sensitivity to it.

Places such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, offices, etc., must build an effective cleaning plan to make their customers feel at ease, otherwise the reputation of these establishments would drop notoriously, since cleanliness has ceased to be a desirable attribute, to become an essential condition.

The quality and value of service that a customer perceives is variable, and depends on the perception that each individual has, and this perception has increased more and more, since today customers have become much more attentive to cleanliness, today they pay much more attention to details that previously did not seem relevant, therefore, it has become more picky.

These days, users are looking to move from a partial to a complete view of all the companies they are going to interact with, whether acquiring a product or enjoying the services they provide, and with the help of social networks and the Internet they are looking for opinions, comments and feedback from other users who have already purchased the product or service. This is a vital aspect for them to make a purchase decision in your company, and cleanliness is one of the most reviewed and valued aspects in the current era.

Just remember, a negative or bad comment about your product or service on the internet about your company can go viral and become very relevant, even more than a good comment, users generally tend to look more at the bad things than the good ones.

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