Cleanliness is and has always been an aspect of great importance for people, because thanks to this it has been possible to improve the health and hygiene of our offices, and this brings in many cases improvements in other aspects such as reducing stress or improving work performance.

And it is clear that due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the hygiene measures taken not only in companies, but in all types of spaces have reached a higher level, because maintaining a clean and disinfected space is directly related to the reduction of disease transmission.

For this and a thousand other reasons it is of great importance to keep our workspace, and that of our employees as good as possible, because as mentioned above has advantages not only in physical health, but also in mental health, which directly improves the quality of work of our employees and enhances the results of our company.

In addition, good cleaning habits in our company reflect a good presentation for this, therefore, an increase in the reputation of the same is achieved, since we will keep these spaces as best as possible, and both customers and workers will notice and improve the vision they have about your company.

But how to achieve good cleaning habits in our offices, K&C gives you 5 tips to improve hygiene in your workplace.

1. Keep your office in order: Order is of great importance not only for our homes, but also in our workspace, this is because a tidy space is much easier to clean than one in chaos. The consequences of keeping your office in disarray can start from decreased productivity to increased stress and increased dirt, which therefore leads to an increased risk of disease transmission.

2. Limit the use of paper: That’s right, and it is not the toilet paper, in some offices it is essential to have to print a variety of documents, for different uses, however it is best to reduce printing as little as possible and find new strategies to work digitally.

3. Eating in your workspace: This is one of the most common mistakes that tend to happen every day in our offices, and is that many people try to turn their desk into a multifunctional space. Eating in the office is not recommended, because when we do it, we generate food debris that fall on the floor or in our workspace, which leads to two things, one, an increase of dirt, and two, the risk of attracting pests such as rodents and cockroaches.

4. Antibacterial dispensers: These dispensers are a great solution to have good hygiene habits in our collaborators, as they are a very convenient solution to use, and decreases the risk of infecting our surfaces with unwanted bacteria or viruses. However, as useful as they are, they in no way replace a good hand washing with soap and water.

5. Raise awareness among our employees: It is important that our employees have good cleaning habits, and it is up to us to promote good hygiene, and to establish a minimum of order in their work spaces, which can bring great benefits for the health and productivity of all.

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